My neighbour has been renovating the porch of his house this week. It’s only possible to reach part of the structure by accessing my back garden. I’ve watched him removing all the old, peeling paint, and smoothing the wood with sandpaper, taking it all back to how it was when first built. His actions reminded me of how God works in our lives.

We are God’s workmanship, made in His image and for His glory. Isaiah 51 says, “look to the rock from which you were cut and the quarry from which you were hewn.” Through Adam the whole of mankind fell into a self-centred identity. Instead of living knowing who he was, perfectly, with God, he began to live knowing he wasn’t perfect and apart from God. He began to live in the flesh, with a new identity.

Just as my neighbour renewed his porch, so Jesus came to renew our lives. He came to give us back our true identity, through His death and resurrection. He came to restore us to our original state, as true sons of the Most High God.

May you, today, find your true identity in Him, and declare with me, “I am a child of God”. The neighbour’s porch looks fabulous, as good as new, and so can you if you find your identity in Him.