Fear or Faith?

‘He will be the sure foundation for your times. A rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge.’ Isaiah 33:6

Jesus declared that while we are in the world, His followers would experience trials and tribulation. Right now we see knife crime on the increase, with a teenager killed almost every day somewhere in the UK., we face the uncertain outcomes of Brexit, and the rapid erosion of family life as we knew it. Ideas and practices of minority groups are being relentlessly pushed onto both adults and children.

What is our response to all of this, as the people of God? Is our response one of fear, or one of absolute assurance that our God still rules and reigns? At this pivotal time in the history of our nation, we need to focus on the following facts:

  1. God is alive – Isaiah 40:28
  2. He never changes – Psalm 90
  3. He offers eternal life to all – Romans 8:38,39
  4. He has won the battle – John 16:33
  5. He is in control – Romans 8:28
  6. He will provide for all our needs – Phil. 4:19

Our rock and fortress is Jesus Himself. He will be our stability in these challenging times. Whatever our world looks like, globally, locally or personally, we have a God who will never ever fail us or leave us.