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A ‘Sa Coma’ Moment

‘Elijah was afraid and ran for his life’ (1 Kings 19:3)

A ‘Sa Coma’ Moment

I’ve spent the last week in Sa Coma, a small resort in Mallorca. It was beautiful, with clear blue skies, lots of hot sunshine, good food, fabulous walks, turquoise sea – in fact idyllic.

The question is though, “Why was I there?” I was running from reality.

How often do we find ourselves in situations we feel we can’t handle, causing us to satisfy our emotional needs with physical remedies – in my case, a holiday in the sunshine.

It’s been a tough two years for me, when I’ve had to rely on God like never before, and He has been so faithful. However, when our house sale fell through, with only weeks to go to completion, having sold almost immediately after going on the market, it was the last straw for me. I was taken back to old thought patterns, “run away, it’s not working”.

It was a ‘Sa Coma’ moment. I booked the holiday, paid for it, and only then recognised what I was doing – praise God. God said to Elijah, “What are you doing here?” (1 Kings 19:9) and I suddenly realised that God was bigger than our failed house move, and that He had a much bigger plan and purpose for me in all of this.

What about you? Is there something, right now, that you are running from? What’s your ‘Sa Coma’ moment? Is it excessive drinking, illicit sex, illegal drugs or just hiding under the duvet because life is too much? Whatever it is, God is more than able to meet your need.

Whatever He has done in your life in the past, He is willing and able to do the same again. He is faithful.

You don’t need a ‘Sa Coma’ moment – you need a God moment.